These Are The Top Tech Blogs In Nigeria (2018) By Backlinks.

It’s no secret that all the top tech blogs in Nigeria already know that backlinks are augurably the most potent ranking factor for Google Search as of 2018.

If you didn’t know this until I mentioned it just now, and you’re a tech blogger, well now you know. And to say the truth, I didn’t know myself until last year during NYSC when a friend of mine told me about Fiverr.

But how exactly did the $5 gig site prompt this knowledge? Simple. When i searched for “SEO”, the most popular results were for the sales of backlinks.

Nevertheless, Fiverr does have an extremely reputable record for spammy, Google penalty-inducing backlinks so I wouldn’t be celebrating just yet O.

So I went on SEMrush, a web analytics tool to look up the Backlink profile of some of the top tech blogs in Nigeria and what I found was startling. It made me realise I had been dulling all this while.

FYI, SEMrush has a poorer backlink indexation rate (compared to guys like Ahrefs) so the backlink count you’re going to see below is just a fraction of what these top tech blogs in Nigeria actually have. From lowest to highest, here we go:

Top tech sites in Nigeria by traffic (2018).

#5. (2.1k backlinks)Tech blogs in Nigeria

It’s not intentional trust me but even when I compiled the list of top tech blogs in Nigeria by traffic estimates from Similarweb, as far as the tops are concerned, MissTechy also got last place. That’s not to say she’s doing poorly in real life though. Like I said, this is just an estimate. (4.6k backlinks) 

Jide Ogunsanya’s tech blog is extremely popular, you’ll agree. But could it be as popular (Backlink-wise) as these next guys?

#3. (10k backlinks)

Tech blogs in Nigeria

Surprisingly, NTG didn’t come first in this list. For what I consider to probably be the most search trafficed amongst techs blog in Nigeria, this is truly a surprise since backlinks correlate better with search traffic.

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#2. Techcabal (11k Backlinks)

Tech blogs in Nigeria

Bankole Oluwafemi started the much famed Techcabal sometime in 2013 and since then has solidified it’s stance in the Nigerian tech ecosystem. Like I’m seriously shocked till now when I hear one of my coworkers or friends say they worked at Techcabal.

#1. (16k backlinks)

Tech blogs in Nigeria

Number 1 on the countdown is Techpoint! Honestly, this company inspired me to believe that if a website such as theirs could rise up to dominate it’s industry in just 3 years, then I can do it to.

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How does one get Backlinks to begin with?


Getting other sites to link to yours while at the same time maintaining a look of naturality to your backlinks profile. Get it wrong and google can slam you a penalty that will wreck your site’s organic rankings for good.

Need further reading on how to acquire high authority, no spam backlinks to help your SEO efforts? Read this.

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