Nigerian media does not support gospel music – Benita Okojie

Gospel singer, Benita Okojie has bemoaned the unjust treatment meted out on gospel singers by the Nigerian media. In a recent interview with Ynaija, the “We Ose” crooner who began her foray into music at age 12 said “I know several talented gospel artistes who are truly gifted but don’t have the platform; and what’s more, corporate organizations that pay well do not invite them for events and Christians, who organize events do not even pay well.

“The broadcast media also do not support with airplay even after working with the best producers and releasing the best videos. It’s almost like, ‘look there is no time for your message’.

She further cleared the air on allegations of bleaching.

“You know it’s funny that people think I am bleaching because someone still mentioned it on social media a few days back. The truth is I have always been fair. I’ve never bleached. I don’t know why people think otherwise. Google my childhood pictures and see for yourself. Ladies please be comfortable in your skin. God did not create a mistake in you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Don’t settle for bleaching cream. It will damage your skin eventually. Be confident, bold and rock that beautiful skin God has given to you. Black, white or tan.”

Recounting how the current state of the nation inspired her recently released track, ‘Jesu n’Abba’ she said “Jesu n’Abba means ‘Jesus my Father, it is dawn, please protect me in your mercies today/tonight’.

“The security situation in Nigeria and the world inspired the song. It got to a point where mothers would go to bed without an idea where their sons/daughters were and reports like this made my heart ache terribly. And when your heart aches and you go on twitter to express how you feel but still see breaking news of one abduction, killing, etc somewhere in the world, you realize that there’s a lot to be grateful to God for and your intercession should go beyond 140 characters or less. Stop tweeting and start talking to The One who has supreme control of the events

“The song is a heartfelt request to God for divine protection”.

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