Hackers gained access to hundreds of millions of emails and password


Your email password may have been leaked

Hi readers,

How has your week been going? Great I hope? The weekend is here again and I can hear a collective sigh all around Lagos. I have some news however that I think you should take seriously for a bit… Your email password may have been leaked.

If you have an email account with Google, Yahoo, Microsoft or Mail.ru (just about everyone), then it may be time to change your password. This is because hundreds of millions of login details associated with email accounts with these providers have been circulating amongst digital criminals.

According to Reuters, Hold Security uncovered a total of 40 million Yahoo Mail, 33 million Microsoft, and almost 24 million Gmail accounts that were compromised.

Our emails have become a very important part of lives, where the password to all critical online access is sent to by simply clicking the “forgot password” link. If you don’t think you should change your password, think again. And while you are at it, consider enabling two-step authentication. As they say, it is better to be safe than to be sorry :).

Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend.


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