5 Major Disadvantages Of Android Phones


Nothing in the Universe is perfect, noting like MR Perfect, that is why i posted this article. Do you know many people love android at the same time so many people don’t even think about Android because of its major Disadvantages.

Today I am going to share with you some of the most annoying Disadvantages of Android.

“I love Android” this is the slogan for many android users. But the other party says, Android is crap, Read the whole article to know why Android Sucks

1. Hangs a lot
Android is good at lagging and continuously hanging your phone, whatever you do it annoys a lot. Whether you are playing games or you are browsing your gallery or you are surfing internet, its hangs a lot.

2. Drain battery
Another disadvantages of Android is its drain battery very fast. You play games for 5 minutes and your battery meter drop from 98 to 82. This is how android sucks and eat up your battery as soon as you touch your phone.

3. It drains data
No other os uses data like android devices, just to open a few apps and browse a few pages, data count would already had exceeded your budget.

4. Over heats
This is serious problem for me, Android heats cell phone often. However if you have a good cover on your cellphone you may feel less heat, but if without cover just put your cellphone on your cheek you will find what I mean.

5. Box of Malware Google play store
I agree that Google play has some nice applications sorry many nice applications but somehow spammers, hackers are ahead of putting malware in Google play store. If you download 10 Applications a day, 6 will be substandard or malware, so be careful.

These are some of the Drawbacks of Android. this article is helps you to find more about Android and not discriminate it. Thanks.


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